About Us

About Us

Senatrans Ukraina

An integrated transport and logistics company for a flexible service.

Thanks to internal resources and a widespread network of commercial partners, we are able to guarantee rapid deliveries and total support in supply chain management with logistics and storage services.

Haulage services

We are an international logistics and haulage company with headquarters in Poland, backed by twenty years of experience in designing advanced, customised logistics solutions for all kinds of businesses. 

We operate in the automotive, consumer goods, industrial, electronics, white goods, and food & beverage sectors.

Speed is our speciality. We manage dedicated express and groupage shipments: the Senatrans hub in Wroclaw is connected to Italy and France daily, offering deliveries to and from the regions covered by every hub. 

We provide full customer support, from order to delivery, and can offer shipments of partial loads (LTL), full loads (FTL) and express deliveries to destinations both throughout and outside the EU (UK, Serbia and Turkey).

Thanks to our own resources and a vast network of trading partners, we are capable of ensuring rapid deliveries and full support for supply chain management, with logistics and storage services.


Our integrated logistics service is aimed at optimizing costs and production times, as well as improving the quality of work. We take care of the correct management of the warehouse, shipments and materials. We have always worked to provide companies with our integrated logistics services which provide for constant monitoring of the efficiency and economy of the entire supply chain. The skills developed in the field of integrated logistics and the consolidated global presence make us a reliable and experienced partner, ready to face the international challenges arising from globalization and the increasing complexity of the markets.

Thanks to an efficient collection and distribution system and a branched international network, we reach all destinations quickly, guaranteeing daily departures throughout Europe with defined transit times.

Senatrans Polska

Wherever you need it,
We are there.

Quality management systems

The ISO 9001: 2008 standard is the globally recognized standard for the certification of the Quality Management System by evaluating full customer satisfaction, the optimization of internal processes and the reduction of waste and inefficiencies.

By measuring performance and adopting appropriate indicators, certification guarantees the ability to maintain the commitments made with the customer and to manage business processes.