Haulage services

Haulage services
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Haulage services

Thanks to our network of branches and our partnerships with certified carriers, we ensure an excellent service for small and large shipments, with no weight restrictions. 

We guarantee daily departures Europe-wide and swiftly reach all destinations.


Our LTL (Less Than Truckload) service for partial loads is designed to manage limited quantities of goods supplied by different shippers, consolidated in a single shipment. 

Our service is customised, extremely flexible and safe, capable of meeting all kinds of needs. We manage the entire transportation process, from shipment to delivery of the goods to the final destination: once we have received them, we combine the load and send it to the various recipients. 

The advantage of this type of haulage service is its economic, competitive price. 


With the FTL (Full Truck Load) haulage service, one vehicle is exclusively used to load all the goods of one customer, which can sometimes be of different kinds. This is the most efficient solution for shipping goods without making intermediate stops along the way.

In Senatrans, we have a large fleet of our own vehicles which, together with those of our partners, enables us to always guarantee the loading capacity.

Choosing FTL haulage services means being able to rely on a swift, competitive and safe service.


For urgent deliveries, you can count on our express haulage service.  

We have a fleet of vehicles dedicated exclusively to the rapid carriage of goods to all the major European destinations.

This type of service is ideal for those who need to ship goods as quickly as possible, using a punctual, safe solution.