The three existing types of transport: how to rely on the right service

At your disposal on today’s transport market are several types of services provided by certified carriers, which will ensure that large and small shipments (with no weight limit) are delivered efficiently and on time. The services offered by Senatrans Ukraina also guarantee daily departures throughout Europe and offer fast service to all the destinations you need.

However, it is worth getting to know the characteristics of each individual service to better understand which one is worth relying on according to your needs. Here, in detail, is everything you need to know about them.

The existing types of deliveries: how to choose them

The first type of delivery is Partial Load Transport. Also called LTL (Less Than Truckload), it allows goods from different shippers to be consolidated into a single shipment. This is a secure and flexible service that can meet every need. In this case, we take care of the entire transport phase, from departure to delivery, and once the goods have been received, we aggregate them and send them to the various recipients. The advantage of this method is obvious, as it ensures transport at reduced prices that are much more advantageous than other services. Obviously, the quantity of goods to be sent must first be assessed, since for larger consignments it will certainly be worthwhile to prefer another method.

In this sense, in the case of much larger consignments, it may be worth using the full-load transport service, which consists of the exclusive use of one piece by the customer for the transport of each type of goods. In this case, it is worth relying on this service if you want to avoid consignments with intermediate stages. Senatrans Ukraina, by the way, is equipped with a large fleet of vehicles that always guarantees loading capacity. However, the Full Truck Load (or FTL) option should only be considered if there is a large quantity of goods to be sent.

If, finally, you are looking for a particularly fast service because you need deliveries within a tight timeframe (within 24 or 48 hours), express delivery will certainly be the most suitable service. For the most urgent consignments Senatrans Ukraine has a fleet of dedicated vehicles at its disposal, which will deliver not only quickly but also punctually and safely.

The countries where we operate

I servizi Senatrans Ukraina sono oggi disponibili da e verso diversi paesi dell’area Europea.

Senatrans Ukraine services are now available to and from several countries in the European area. Below are some of the main examples:

  • Ukraine to Italy transport
  • Transport from Italy to Ukraine
  • Transport from and to Italy and Germany
  • Transports from and to Italy and Poland


Our hubs allow us to organise smooth transfers of goods to and from any EU and non-EU destination. The key points of our network are located in: Rivne, Turin, Bergamo, Oderzo, Pontedera, Lyon, Timisoara, Constance and Wroclaw.


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